Album Review: Waterloo Teeth – Self-Titled EP


*Originally reviewed for New Noise Magazine on March 14th, 2017 here*

Waterloo Teeth
Self-Titled EP
(Uncool Records)

Ah yes, the mark of a great EP release: 4 gritty, unpolished tracks that sound as if they were feverishly recorded once inspiration struck. That’s what can be said for a modern supergroup side project of sorts, Waterloo Teeth, which consists of Seb Mueller on lead vox and bass, Joey Armstrong on drums – both respectively from SoCal’s SWMRS, and Jakob Danger on guitar (Joey’s younger brother) who fronts his own project under his own birth name.

Released on Uncool Records, an independent label founded by the members of SWMRS themselves, the quartet collection of songs on caters more directly to the band’s personal musical interests outside of their primary projects. This being heavily, if not entirely, a product of high level romanticization and adoration of The Replacements. With a chugging guitar mimicking the classic sound of Midwestern rock and roll, and a proper amount of crunch to make you suspect Faces were also a large part of the inspiration puzzle. Only logical the the band will be supporting Tommy Stinson’s band, Bash & Pop, on their upcoming run of dates.

Lyrically, Muller for half the e.p. switches between stream of consciousness confessions with imagery of standard suburbia–what you can expect from tracks entitled, “Big Green Lawn” and “Vernon Market”–while tidying it up with a concrete chorus. “Cutting class on a weekday / walking down the sidewalk / staring at the sky / wondering why these days go by” easily sets the precedent of what to expect from Waterloo. And what would a rock and roll release be without a mention of boredom and abundant whiskey consumption? Hardly anything for them.

For the remaining half, or side B of the hopefully to be released cassettes spotted on their Instagram, the pattern is broken by a higher-gear punk backbeat in, “Over You” along with a more personal lyrical about, perhaps, a romantic interest in, “Strangers.” Both proving to be effective to create enough variation that keeps the listener interested.

Though side projects tend to fade as their not the primary outlet for musicians, and because realistically, they can fall flat in comparison to the main musical projects, Waterloo Teeth have created a notable and charming EP. But will they record more? Well, the ball’s in their court.

Putting The Recluse In “Brown Recluse”: I Got Bit, A Blog Post-Bite

With thick unmistakable accents that one could call, “Bostonian, but south and Italian” and Bagels readily available on any given day (as long as it’s before 4PM), Long Island isn’t exactly known for its bug population–let alone poisonous ones. In March. Hell, the most technically threatening ones we have are Daddy Long Legs that dwell in basements. That is of course, with the one exception. One sneaky sucker that boroughs in fabric and bed sheets and doesn’t abide by traditional seasonal norms–newly found global warming climate and all: The Brown Recluse. And I, as you may have guessed, was bitten.

(It doesn’t look AWFUL, but I can assure you, it was a big hot mess.)

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