Putting The Recluse In “Brown Recluse”: I Got Bit, A Blog Post-Bite

With thick unmistakable accents that one could call, “Bostonian, but south and Italian” and Bagels readily available on any given day (as long as it’s before 4PM), Long Island isn’t exactly known for its bug population–let alone poisonous ones. In March. Hell, the most technically threatening ones we have are Daddy Long Legs that dwell in basements. That is of course, with the one exception. One sneaky sucker that boroughs in fabric and bed sheets and doesn’t abide by traditional seasonal norms–newly found global warming climate and all: The Brown Recluse. And I, as you may have guessed, was bitten.

(It doesn’t look AWFUL, but I can assure you, it was a big hot mess.)

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Self Care Sunday: Retail Therapy Edition–by Emily Balcerak

Happy Sunday! I am taking things in a new direction with Self Care Sunday (since there is only so much I can tell you on my own) and am going to begin featuring voices from the scene. Community SCS’s will give industry folks a chance to discuss their own experiences with mental health issues and the healthy ways that they cope with the stressors of this lifestyle. Our first community post comes from Emily Balcerak, a wonderful friend of mine, contributing writer for Table Three Media, and drummer for Fake Estate  Read her self care below!

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