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Emily Balcerak (Pronounced bal-sir-ack) has been a musician since she was eight years old. She lives on Long Island and thinks it’s important to specify that you live on it, not, “in” it. At some point during early adolescence she fell in love with punk rock and new wave European 12″ singles and all chances of having a stable job were thrown out the window after watching every Clash documentary available. By day, she teaches children drums amongst other instruments, and by night she’s probably still doing that, too if she’s not filling a 5-7 minute slot at a comedy mic or contributing to New Noise Magazine; an internationally sold music publication available at Barnes & Noble! (Not a plug.) Somehow, she also does background acting. Despite what the tone of this bio may make you think, this is definitely NOT written by her at 2a.m. while eating peanut butter and is totally written by her fancy ghost-writer she can totally afford.

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